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How You Can Help

Making A Difference

We have been very fortunate over the years to have been able to built up an extensive and loyal group of supporters, but we would love to do so much more and there are many different ways in which businesses, organisations and individuals can help.

The joy we create is priceless and every penny really does help. No matter how much or how little you are able to donate, we will make sure that it makes a difference.

Perhaps you could join us as a volunteer or join one of our regular sponsored events, be that a walk, a cycle or an abseil or nominate us as the charity to benefit if you are running a marathon or taking the plunge on a bungee or parachute jump.  Perhaps you and a group of friends could organise an event in your area, be that a coffee morning or cake sale.

If you’re in business, why not nominate us as your company’s chosen charity, or even sponsor a child today, with a donation of £750… or get your staff involved in a team building exercise, raising money, having fun and benefiting the business at the same time.


How You Can Help

Schools have a great opportunity to help and, at the same time, teach children to think of others less fortunate. Why not have a non uniform day, or crazy sock day or Christmas jumper day and get mums and dads and grannies and grandads to sponsor their kids in this or some other form of challenge?

In the past, we have even benefited from bequests in wills! We are always more than happy to meet with businesses, schools or individuals, to discuss whatever ideas or suggestions they may have and how we could, perhaps, add value in turning something from an idea into an actual fundraiser.

Please note that we are registered for Gift Aid, which can boost personal donations, from UK tax payers, by a further 25%.


The more money we raise, the more children we can help!

(Please note: The hospitals are solely responsible for the selection of the children who travel on the trip. If you think your child would be eligible to go on one of our trips, we suggest you speak to your child’s consultant.)