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For the third year in a row, NICLT has been chosen as the charity to benefit from the efforts of a group of Helen’s Bay golfers, of questionable ability, but undoubted generosity!

The word ‘boys’ in their title is somewhat misleading, because these gentlemen…and they are gentlemen in the truest sense…left their best day on the golf course behind them many years ago. But they have taken our charitable aims and objectives very much to heart and fundraise enthusiastically at this time of the year.

The man charged with coordinating the collection of donations from ‘the boys’ and the wider club membership, Jim Wilson, says ‘We are delighted to be able to help such a wonderful charity once again and even more delighted that they are heading off to Lapland again this year, after a Covid enforced absence. When our members hear what and who we are collecting for, I don’t think a single person hasn’t immediately reached in to his or her wallet or purse.’

NICLT Chairman, Colin Barkley, joined the ‘boys’ for their Christmas meal, where he collected a cheque for £2,400, which amount will be boosted considerably when gift aid is applied

(L-R) Jim Wilson and Colin Barkley, Chairman, NICLT.