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'3 Steps To Christmas' Campaign

Not even the dramatic impact of Covid 19 and its worldwide implications could dampen the commitment of the Charity to the children of Northern Ireland.

In the autumn of 2020, the inevitable decision was made that it would be impossible to make our annual trip to Lapland, but we were determined that the show must go on.

Numerous ideas were considered and, ultimately, rejected, because the general restrictions and social distancing rules were ever changing. What eventually evolved was what we called our ‘3 Steps to Christmas’ campaign.
We asked the Health Trusts, with whom we liaise every year, to nominate, between them, 100 children, who they felt were particularly deserving.

Step 1

Each child received a detailed personal letter from Santa.

Step 2

They were then sent a video message, from the man himself, in his grotto in Lapland, explaining how they were to receive some very special additional presents this year.

Step 3

With the help of the parents, each child then received personally chosen gifts, up to the value of £200, delivered by a team of volunteers, with additional gifts for their siblings!

Outstanding Response

The general response was amazing….maybe it didn’t quite have the magic of Lapland, but it was certainly something very special, in the most difficult of times….and we will hopefully be able to incorporate some of these initiatives in to our annual trip, when normal service is resumed.

Here you can see one of out Ambassadors, Tommy Bowe, delivering presents to two very deserving Downpatrick brothers.


The more money we raise, the more children we can help!

(Please note: The hospitals are solely responsible for the selection of the children who travel on the trip. If you think your child would be eligible to go on one of our trips, we suggest you speak to your child’s consultant.)